Tyra Banks has Rocked our Bellz!

What happens when the ULTIMATE Super Model....Models one of your designs??? ((YOU SCREAM)) that’s what! 🙈 Tyra Banks has always been my favorite! I’ve followed her career throughout the years, watched her talk show and America’s Next Top Model religiously! I’m so proud of all her accomplishments and the way she has represented herself with class and dignity! She’s definitely a FLYGIRL! ❣️

I love the way fashion stylist Jason Bolin styled this look. Perfectly pairing our bold red Felis Bellz with a leopard top. These pants are designed to be high waisted so tying the sash as a belt snatches her waist and adds the final touch to complete this look. Tyra is 5'10 without heels so our Xtra long length was ideal.

So while I jump around in a circle 😂 #SoExcited..... Go check out our Felis Bellz  pants and join in on the fun! 




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